HBBaer Media Launches LGBTSelfies.com to Record Results

HBBaer Media Launches LGBTSelfies.com to Record Results

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HRBaer Media, LLC announced the launch of its new website, www.LGBTSelfies.com. The site is a venue furthering the freedom of expression and appears to have lit up the LGBTQ community’s interest. The media company launched its LGBT Facebook account three weeks ago and the website two weeks ago. The first week brought approximately 98 photos and this week, the second week, has 195 pictures posted so far. LGBT is a spin off of our site www.MarijuanaSelfies.com but has outshined Marijuana Selfies with triple the number of pictures being posted.

LGBT Selfies has weekly contests and gives away cash/prizes for 3 Selfies with the most votes! The first prize every week is cash of $100, with second and third winners receiving Selfies gear. A $100 prize was give away last week and another $100 will be given to this week’s winner today. A new contest starts this afternoon.

All members of the LGBTQ community are encouraged to post their selfies and reach out to their social media for votes. No pictures posted will be sold or used for any purpose other than winners will be posted on our own social media.




Any companies wanting to place ads should contact HRBaer@aol.com directly.

About HRBaer Media.

HRBaer Media creates fresh, entertaining websites, music and videos that are always original and most often controversial. Watch for our new sites being launched in the next month including, www.MissMarijuana.com, www.BlazingSingles.com, and www.LesbianSelfies.com. The media group also owns www.LesbianStoners.com and is seeking someone capable of running the site. If you have writing experience and website management knowledge, please contact us.

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